MCM 2018/T-Minus 30:Dark

I may have to consider performing the fartleks in the afternoons; my vision isn’t good enough to see my wristwatch in the near-darkness of 0500, so I keep missing when I’m supposed to switch from four minutes running to one minute jogging.

The full moon was out a little more this morning, hopefully it shows up tomorrow morning, with less cloud cover.

The short circuit and fartlek otherwise went well. All tired and sweaty when I got finished and got a good start to my day.

A month out from the Marine Corps Marathon. I re-started this blog sixty-nine days ago, back in June. I’m ready, now I just need to find some roommates for the weekend, or change my hotel plans…

Song of the Day: “Freak on A Leash”/Korn. Good for the four-minute pat of the fartlek. I like the unusual guitar and bass work…interesting lyrics, too.

“Sound of Silence”/Disturbed. I get the feeling Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel would approve. I think the bassist, guitarist and drummer all have parts, even though this version is orchestra heavy.

“Smooth Criminal”/Alein Ant Farm. Not quite four minutes, but still gets the blood pumping.

“Sonne”/Rammstein. It’s actually a song about boxing, but here’s hoping I’ll see a little bit more sun this weekend.

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