MCM 2018/T-Minus 29:Weekend

It’s payday weekend.

What I want to do: Trip to DC for DC United vs. Montreal, then run a half marathon on Sunday.

What I’m going to do: Run errands tomorrow and run 13.1 miles local Sunday.

Sunday’s long run will mark the end of another training week but will start the last two weeks of hard training before the MCM. After my last ten-miler next Sunday I will start tapering off my training: fewer miles, shorter runs on Sundays, shorter fartleks, and less weight at the gym. The goal will be to keep the body in shape and lessen the wear and tear on the body before running the marathon.

This morning’s Hilton Ridge 5 run was good. The moonlight from Thursday night was nowhere to be seen, and I spent way too much time fighting with my strap for my phone holster, but I still kicked it out in just over an hour (1:00.01) at an 11:23 pace.

I actually saw the sun out today as I came home from work. Hoping for a little bit more of that this weekend.

Song of the Day: “Moonage Daydream”/”Starman”/”Space Oddity”, all by David Bowie. I have been a fan of David Bowie since I first saw him performing “Fame” on Soul Train way back in 1975. For a very impressionable black boy in 1975, seeing the world’s whitest white man on an all-black dance show was mind-blowing. A few years later I saw his video for “Ashes to Ashes” and I was hooked for good.

The first Bowie album I ever bought was the ChangestwoBowie album that had a lot of his best stuff. I didn’t discover Moorage Daydream until 2004, while at work at Chrry Point, NC.

Anyway, most of the titles are celestial/lunar themed in hopes of clear moonlit pre-dawn on Sunday morning.

PS-I would have had this blog post up an hour ago, but see I was trying to sign off my timecard from home when my iMac didn’t take my password. Long story…

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