MCM 2018/T-minus 31: Motions

I ran five miles to Triple E Farm Way and back this morning. Apparently there was a (full?) moon, but there was also cloud cover when I stepped off at 0500 this morning. Some moonlight, just enough to make a difference.

I can’t really say that I’m going through the motions at this point. I got up just before the 0430 alarm went off, got dressed and Skin-So-Soft’ed, stretched out, chugged my Nuun water, and headed out the door at 0455. No MapMyRun this morning, but i finished the 5 miles with a 58 minute time, good got an 11:34 pace. Little bit of humidity this morning, so I was sweating bullets when I was done.

I’m feeling really good about the MCM this year. I’m back to making my workouts after a week layoff, I’m at a good pace (better than the 14 minute “Beat the Bridge and maybe a personal best this year?), and no serious physical problems to report. It also helps that I’m stretching better and in a few more paces before every run.

I am typing this and getting ready for my ride to work, so no SOTD today…maybe later.

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