MCM 2018/T-Minus 32: Naptime

I was a good boy today.

Got up at 0430 and made my four cycle circuit course for the first time in two weeks. The weight felt good and I got my sweet on. Got my protein shake and breakfast and made it to work.

Home from work at a reasonable time. Typing out the blog, and next I’m going to take a nap before dinner.

I have two five milers this week before the “half marathon” to St. Mary’s City on Sunday. I’m tempted to take an actual half-marathon this weekend, but I’m trying to save money for MCM weekend.

I need to brush up MapMyRun so I know where I’m going tomorrow and Friday; where are those turnaround points again?

Song of the Day: “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming”/Judas Priest. Ah, good old British steel, a.k.a heavy metal. “Hot Rockin'” is my all-time Priest song, though.

See ya in the morning…

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