MCM 2018/T-minus 33: Damp

Woke up this morning to more rain.

I checked the weather app on my smartphone…gonna be more of it, all this week. Through Friday, at least.

Last week: not too shabby. Especially yesterday, when I found out I got a 10:52 pace for my 11 mile trot yesterday.

So, tomorrow morning, it’s back to the gym for a four cycle circuit course. I am going to back to the same weight that I have been using for months to avoid any injury. I may go back to the heavy weights for my Thursday circuits for the next three weeks. Sometime soon I may have to taper my circuit course as well as my running.

My last long run will be a 13-miler out to St Mary’s City, I just have to find out where to add that extra mile. Or I may take 6.5 miles out the other direction (south) on HWY-5. What do you have for me, MapMyRun?

Oh, good, the car alarm that has been going off for the last half-hour has finally shut itself off. or maybe the battery is dead…no idea.

If it does rain in the mornings, I will just have to deal with it; I’m almost a month to the MCM and I want to get in as many miles as possible. Not really up for afternoon runs at this stage; it’s getting darker much earlier now.

…and the car alarm is going off again. Ah, technology.

Song of the Day:”19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)” and “Clint Eastwood” by Gorillaz. I heard the original version of “19,” and why was this the album version instead of the Soulchild version? I also miss the opening laugh and opening spaghetti-western noise that is at the start of the video from the album version.

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