MCM 2018/T-minus 34:Drizzle

As I stepped out to go run the SAIC 11 at 0455, I was greeted with a steady drizzle, for the second Sunday morning in the last three. I am really not one for checking the weather before I run, I just try to do the damn thing and deal with it. As long as it’s not thunder and lightning, I just go.

I’m getting better with starting the MapMyRun app on my phone and storing it in my shoulder phone sleeve before I start running. Getting better with getting the phone out and stopping the time as well. Once again, it was dark and drizzling as I started running, but no real problems. I stretched out for about 15 minutes, so I was good on my hamstrings, calves, and knees during the run.

The course, running from the Abberly Crest main drive to the SAIC office in California MD, didn’t have any significant hills, and looking at a chart you could say it was mostly flat. However, there are parts of the run where there are some inclines and declines if you look hard enough.

It was 5:59 on the electronic clock as I reached the street that would turn into the SAIC facility. I was on a pretty good clip. I made good time at my first water break at Esperanza Lanes, and I hadn’t noticed any of the inclines or declines. There was significant tree coverage for a bout a mile in and out of the SAIC turnaround point, but the GPS on my MMR app was calling out the mileage and pace/splits pretty close.

On the back half towards home, I did notice a nice long decline. I remembered to start driving my arms and legs so I could build up speed and pick up my pace. I think there is a good stretch from Chancellor’s Run Rd to Buck Hewitt Drive, and another shorter stretch on Three Notch Rd. just after Gate 1 to NAS Patuxent River where you go on a decline and pick up the pace.

There was no autumn moon or September sunrise this morning; in fact I don’t think I saw “first light” until a quarter to 7, when I passed the Enterprise Car Rental lot.

(Quick aside: 97.7 The Rocket is just KILLING IT this Sunday morning. I already have my songs of the day, but the hits just keep coming.)

The rain picked up as I hit the home stretch, turning from HWY-234 onto Willow Road and the path home. I noticed that the road home was on a slight decline, so I picked it up for one last closing kick. I didn’t really need said “kick” but I needed to show that I could still run through, long after the finish line. The rain didn’t even bother me, because at that point I was more damp from sweat than rainwater.

Good news: My stopwatch said 2:03.33, for an excellent 10:52 pace. Woo-hoo! Bad news: once again, the GPS on MMR cut out on me. According to the map, it went out on me just after I passed Chester Road on the way home. The time was somewhat accurate (2:05, accounting for messing with the smartphone and the app) but it cut out most of the back half of the run. Time for another email to the tech department at UnderArmor (sponsors of MapMyRun).

Song of the Day: 97.7 is cranking out some good tunes this morning. I got up at 0400 to “Midnight Rider”/Allman Brothers. As I came in from the poring rain, “Hotel California”/The Eagles was just past its halfway point, and The Rocket followed up with “Runnin’ With the Devil”/Van Halen. I love the guitar work on both “Rider” and “California” and Don Henley tells a real good story on the Eagles classic. David Lee Roth: love him or hate him, you can’t deny his howling on “Devil.”

Okay, time to post this blog and get my nastygram from the FB admin about posting that Salt and Pepa song yesterday.

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