MCM 2018/T-minus 37:Watch

Got up early to do the circuit and fartlek. After two sets with the regular weights, I ran the fartlek. It’s supposed to be a five-minute warm-up jog, then alternating four minutes of running (“70% speed”) with a minute of jogging for forty-five minutes, then a five minute cool-down jog. The four minute run/one minute jog was a little hampered by me not being able to see my stopwatch that well. Some of the running overtook the jog time because I couldn’t see or forgot to keep track of time.

Can’t believe that it’s almost a month before the Marine Corps Marathon. I restarted this blog for 2018 back in June, and now it’s a couple of days before fall.

2018 to this point has been a good year. I finished every long run that I started, I’ve been running at a consistent pace, and I’ve only had to miss one full week due to injury. There have been some days where I have been lazy, but maybe it’s just my body telling me to take a breather.

Today was the last day to transfer my MCM bib or defer to next year, so I guess it’s RUN OR ELSE.

See y’all at the starting line…

Song of the Day:”Army”/Ben Folds Five. Ben Folds has serious piano talent and songwriting. Who needs a lead six-stringer?

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