MCM 2018/T-minus 36:Pace

Maybe not so much brie, pepperoni, and Club cracker mini-sandwiches before bed will help prevent me from having to take a dump five minutes before I have to start my runs.

Other than that, another good day of running is in the books. Got up at 0430 to run the HWY-5/iStorage 4 miler this morning. Summer has officially gone and has taken the early morning sunrises with her, but he has also taken the humidity as well. Oh, and I really do miss the full moon when I run (dark as heck out there).

I forgot to charge my cell phone  before going to bed, so my phone was dead. No MapMyRun this morning, so it was just going to be the trusty stopwatch today. Final time after 4 miles: 43;11 for a 10:47 pace. Not bad for a course with a fair amount of inclines/declines for 4 miles.

I am just about ready for the 10-miler on Sunday, just have to draw it up on MMR. I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought enough Gu and Nuun tabs for the next two weeks’ worth of running. I also need to start watching the wear and tear on my shoe treads; my shoes will be about three month’s old on MCM day. Not sure if two weeks before the marathon and in the downside of training is a good time to buy and break in new running shoes.

I am going to try going on a diet over the last two weeks of September, I need to cut a little weight.

Song of the Day: 97.7 The Rocket was in high gear this morning, playing “Paranoid”/Black Sabbath just before I started stretching and “Fat Bottomed Girls”/Queen just before I hit the road. Can’t believe Ozzy Osbourne is still touring after all these years.

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