MCM 2018/T-minus 38: Recap

Sunday, after I posted my blog, I rented a car, purchased a ticket to the DC United vs. New York Red Bulls soccer match, and drove an hour and twenty minutes to the outskirts of DC to Audi Arena for the match. The entire affair was a spur of the moment thing; I did get my rental car, game ticket, and post-match hotel. However, on-the-fly planning can get somewhat tricky when parking in the vicinity of Audi Arena. The place was half full so I was able to find a parking spot reasonably close for the match…for $40. Sunday night I watched my Chicago Fire beat San Jose 4-0, closing out a good soccer Sunday (not great, as DC United and Red Bulls tied a 3).

Monday morning I had to drive back home from DC, so I had to run in the afternoon after work. I got in my three miles (HWY-5 South), but got utterly lazy after the run, too lazy to post on the blog. I did schedule my remaining runs for the rest of the training cycle though. This Sunday is an 11 miler to my old workplace, the SAIC building in California, MD.

Tuesday I completely blew of my Return to the Gym for my four cycles of the circuit course. I don’t know if I am getting really lazy or scared of going to the gym, but it’s now a week and a half since my last trip to the gym. When I got up to run this morning, I felt a twinge around my right kneecap. That was a quick reminder that if I get too far delinquent with these workouts, I could suffer come MCM day.

I did get up to run this morning, running the Glen Mary Farm 4 in about 44 minutes. MapMyRun was a little slow with counting off the mile markers, and it had me running 3.89 miles instead of the measured 4. Hmmm…

My last five Sunday runs before the MCM are 10-13-10-8-6 miles. No half-marathons this year because I’m saving up for MCM weekend, especially the hotel room. My schedule:

10: SAIC run (actually closer to 11)

13: St. Mary’s City Plus (actually 12 but looking to add an extra mile)

10: Southern Loop 10

8: Sheetz or Great Mills Road Run (flip a coin)

6: Superwillow 6

Song of the Day: The Extended Play Album edition

Last night while listening to the radio, I was duly informed by the disc jockey that September 18 was kind of a big deal in rock history…

“Baby I Love Your Way”/Peter Frampton, released as a single 18 September 1975.

“More Than a Feeling”/Boston, released as a single 18 September 1976

“Purple Haze”/Jimi Hendrix, who passed away 18 September 1970.

A few minutes after learning of those facts, The Rocket (WMDM, 97.7) played tow awesome songs back-to-back:

“Lunatic Fringe”/Red Rider. How Madonna’s “Crazy for You” got lumped together with this song on the Vision Quest soundtrack is beyond me. Not an iPod listener when I work out or run, but this song would be part of the playlist.

“Immigrant Song”/Led Zeppelin. I’ve gone this long without a Zeppelin song on the SOTD? I think I selected “When the Levee Breaks” one day…not sure. On we sweep with/A threshing oar!/Our only goal will be the western shore!” ‘Nuff said.

“Crazy on You”/Heart. Because the Ozzy song the DJ promised was “Mama I’m Coming Home.” Yeah…no.


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