MCM 2018/T-Minus 41:Marine

“Platoon 2066…DISMISSED!!!”

“AYE-AYE, SIR…(one pace backward, about face) OOH-RAHH!!!”

Thirty years ago today, at 1100 Pacific time, I graduated Marine Corps Recruit Training. One adventure ended…a larger one was waiting.

I wanted to do some sort of special run to commemorate the moment, but the time to plan for that had long passed. So I got back on the wagon this week with a simple three mile run up and down the northern half of Willows Road (Abberly Crest to Shangri-La 3).

35:01, discounting the 30 seconds fiddling with the phone, the MapMyRun app, and the armband for the phone. Not bad for a week-long layoff.

Today is a trip to DC to watch DC United fight for a playoff berth. Running again tomorrow afternoon (HWY-5 3) then back to the gym on Tuesday.

After keeping the boom box radio off for a week because of poor reception, I turned it back on this morning. Your songs of the day:

“Baba O’Reilly”/The Who: I heard the live version of this song in 1979 on a program called the Video Music Channel…about three years before this MTV thing. Roger Paltry on harmonica versus whomever was playing the violin…tough call. I have had this fantasy of hearing “Baba” with an extended harmonica vs. violin duel/duet at the end.

“Don’t Stop Believin'”/Journey: Because that finale of “The Sopranos” made this song immortal.

I have no idea what was the Billboard 100 leader for the week that I graduated boot camp, but I heard “Wild Wild West” a LOT while I was at NAS Memphis for my A school after boot camp. Damn. that was a fun song!

About two days after I got home from boot camp, I got around to seeing “Full Metal Jacket,” featuring the late great R.Lee Ermey. “Paint it, Black”/Rolling Stones. ‘Nuff said.


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