MCM 2018/T-Minus 46: Florence

Healing Week ends tonight.

Friday: back on the road for three miles, weather permitting. Some rain, not a torrential downpour. More than likely an afternoon run at this point.

Saturday: short circuit, light weights.

Sunday and Monday: Three miles, back to back.

Tuesday: Back to the regular gym cycle (four cycles, regular weights).

Right now, it’s just overcast with no rain right now. The Chesapeake Bay has a strange way with weather patterns though, so no guarantees. I don’t see anything more than just being a little more windy and rainy than usual. If it does intensify, my only worry is if the power will stay on. If I lose power, plan B is the closest hotel I can find.

Best cure for blisters: band-aids and time. Sunday I discovered a blister on the sole of my right foot. I washed it off, put on a waterproof, antibacterial bandage, and left it on for four days. I took the bandage off, and the blister was healed.

Song of the Day: “Dog Days”/Florence and the Machine. In “honor” of Hurricane Florence. Actually the band is quite good. No idea why I’m not following this band more.

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