MCM 2018/T-Minus 49:Rest

The good: Two good short runs at 11:30 pace and 22 miles of the Carl Henn Millennium Trail at a 12:30 pace, and half hour better than when I ran it two years ago.

The bad: MapMyRun dumped four miles off my second lap yesterday when it was tracking my run; not sure what happens to the GPS on the longer runs. Also, rain and driving in Maryland. very sore hamstrings and a blister on my right foot after the run.

The ugly: Chicago Bears football in the 2000s-offense that goes from touchdowns to field goals to three-and-outs over the course of a game, and a defense that runs out of gas because the offense can’t stay on the field, let alone score.

Yesterday was the longest scheduled run of my training, and I have it buffered so I could run a couple of half-marathons before I taper off my training. However, I haven’t had a real break since straining my groin back in July, and I was very sore yesterday. Therefore, I made a command decision to take this week off. Aside from my need to heal up, there is also the possible threat of the after-effects of a hurricane hitting the Carolinas this week. Landfall is set for sometime Thursday, but southern Maryland is at the outer edge of the hurricane’s projected center. There’s running in the rain, and then there’s just being stupid about it.

Also, time to take care of some personal business this week, so I’ll just sleep in for a few days and wake up at a normal time to take care of them.

Oh, and I think my air conditioning went out again. at 9:30 PM. And the pre-hurricane humidity just ramped up this evening.

Song of the Day:”State of the Nation”/Industry. One of those quirky, catchy 80s songs with a good video concept that matches the song. Not sure if it ever charted here in the US, but Billboard doesn’t know everything…


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