MCM 2018/T-Minus 48:Freeweight

No four cycle circuit today because I’m taking the week off to heal a bit.

I don’t know if I mentioned this yesterday, but it bears repeating: MapMyRun cut four miles off my run on Sunday. On the second lap, the GPS dropped the signal sometime after the 11-mile mark and didn’t pick it up until I was about four miles from the end. The second lap of the run is a big capital U almost down the middle of the map.

My air conditioner went out again last night, after being turned off since Saturday afternoon, when I drove up to Rockville. The techs came in and found out that the outside a/c, which connects to my inside one, blew a fuse.

I have been meaning to start going to bed earlier this week so I can get some extra sleep to help the healing process, but bedtime never seems to be earlier than 11;30 PM. Getting lazy in getting my rest as well.

Chocolate milk as part of the post-long-run cool down process…not sure what the real health benefits are, but damn, it tastes good!

My MCM beard could use a trim, especially my mustache. It’s really kind of overgrown and I keep fingering it more than I should. It’s looking a lot better since I started putting Ultra Sheen (black hair care product) on it after I came back from peoria with a new tub of it.

Sooner or later, I’ll start looking for a hotel room for MCM weekend.

Hurricane Florence is supposed to hit landfall Thursday night in North Carolina. My home in southern Maryland (by the Chesapeake Bay) is on the outer edge of the hurricane, which should mean high winds, 6~10 inches of rain…and that’s it. If I ever get an evacuation order, I’m going north to DC and spend the weekend.

If that evacuation order ever comes.

Song of the Day: “Take It on the Run”/REO Speedwagon. I couldn’t stand this band in the 80s, even if the lead singer was from my hometown of Peoria, IL. I kind of picked up this song from a commercial where the guys were singing the chorus; right tune, wrong lyrics.

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