MCM 2018/T-minus 50: Millenium

Doing this now because I may not be able to later…

Made it to Rockville yesterday after a two hour drive, to include driving rain adding to the usual slow-ass Maryland traffic. Staying in Homewood Suites this weekend. Dinner was lasagna from a local Italian eatery; lots of meat for a carbo-loading meal. Sounded tapas about 10:00PM-ish.

0400 reiville. Used up damn near all of the sliver of Bodyglide; fortunately, chafing was not an issue. Out the door at 0445 for the ten minute walk to the Thomas Farm Community Center, where the start/finish line of the Carl Henn Millennium Trail was located. Started MapMyRun and my wristwatch, and I was off.

The weather was obviously the worst I had seen in my training season. It was a steady drizzle that briefly elevated to a slight downpour as I started my second lap. Completed darkness until about 0630 (by my guess). Being wet and cold stopped being an issue about two miles into the run, although I wasn’t happy about the puddles and having squishy shoes/feet.

The Millennium Trail is a circuit covering the perimeter of Rockville, MD. It’s a circle of rolling hills, where you’re going up one hill and down another almost every mile of the 10.7 mile course. The Trail is very runner-friendly, with mile markers every 0.5 miles and convenient CHMT signage and yellow dash lines to help mark the trail. Very convenient, for example, when the course has to deviate from the main road into a neighborhood, due to a lack of adequate shoulder for runners.

( I apologize for the lack of details in this blog post, I am very tired and need food and some medical attention.)

The first 10.7 mile lap I was feeling good. The rain was mostly a non-issue, although there were those police cruises near a fallen tree after the 3.0 mile marker. No issues with hydration or hunger, although I struggled with getting my water bottle out from my FlipBelt after the 4 mile mark. MMR was working as advertised, usually calling out the miles about 50~75 yards before the actual mile marker…for the first eleven miles, anyway. As MMR announced my arrival at the eleven mile mark, I looked at my wristwatch and noted a 2:09 time. Maybe I could finish this in about four hours?

At the 5.5 mile mark of the second lap, I resolved to keep my head and eyes up on the uphills, and drive my arms and legs for more acceleration on the downhills. I didn’t have the revolt of the thighs and I was feeling good for most of the run, but matching the first lap split was not to be. I ran through the original start/finish line and ended the run at the first CHMT siunacross the street from the Thomas farm Center, finishing at 4:33.15 for a 12:25 pace.

The last time I ran this was The July 4th weekend in 2016, when I ran just the two laps in 5:03.10. Shaving the half-hour off my time didn’t come cheap; my hamstrings were screaming after the run (thank you for the whirlpool, Homewood Suites) and i got a blister on my right foot. I need to tend to that, so I will close this blog for today.

Song of the Day:”Comfortably Numb” and “Not Now John”/Pink Floyd. Can’t believe I didn’t recognize the 75th birthday of Pink Floyd founder/bassist/songwriter Roger Waters yesterday. When I was in avionics school in Millington, TN, I didn’t attend classes until after noon, so I played “Pink Floyd:The Wall” on my Walkman over a hundred times in my eight months at the school. “NNJ”, from “The Final Cut,”was the last time the Waters/David Gilmour/Richard Wright/Nick Mason lineup ever really rocked out. I wonder if they ever got around to playing it live when they reformed that one last time…

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