MCM 2018/T-minus 52:Off

Random thoughts from a day off work:

Did my iStorage 4 miler this morning. Everything was good, even though the new moon was no help with the light.

It’s hard to make Gordon Ramsey’s scrambled eggs…when you don’t have any eggs.

I now have three options for running 20 miles on Sunday: a custom course I call the NAS Pax River Grand Tour (a nice run around the base’s 10 mile loop plus major parts of the base). Indian Head Rail Trail, and the Carl Henn Millennium Trail. The last two will require travel. IHRT is a shorter drive, the local Super 8 motel has all the sports channels, and there is an excellent rib joint down the road for my post-run dinner.

Why is it three of the last four ATMs I went to in my area are out of order?

My day off: took out the trash, did laundry…and sat on the computer for eight hours.

Still no hotel for MCM weekend. I feel like those old Grateful Dead people who wanted to attend a show but didn’t have tickets. “Looking’ for a miracle…”

I have until noon tomorrow to make up my mind for Sunday (car rental, pack travel). Still no idea what I’m doing.

No issues with running though.

Song of the Day: “Eastbound and Down”/Jerry Reed. Signature song from the soundtrack to “Smokey and the Bandit.” Saw this meme on Facebook today: “The Pursuit Is Over. Welcome Home You Sumbitch.” Picture of the late great Jackie Gleason as Sheriff Buford T. Justice, the nemesis to the Bandit, played by the late great Burt Reynolds…RIP

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