MCM 2018/T-minus 51:Road

About an hour after finishing my short/light circuit course this morning, I made the call to go to Rockville to run the Carl Hinn Millennium Trail tomorrow for my 20-miler. The hotel was relatively cheap and it is a convenient five minute stroll to the start-finish line of the course. Right now I am just waiting for a trip to Enterprise car Rental so I can pick up my car for the trip. I am about 98% packed as I type this (just need to box my iMac and stuff a couple things in the car).

I have attempted the Millennium Trail twice before. The first attempt was in 2014, and I made 17 miles before I shut it down. Not enough hydration and it was humid out. I also ran the opposite path and the hills were just too much. I completed the two laps of the 10.5 mile course in 2015, although I don’t know my time right now. At the risk of hubris becoming nemesis tomorrow morning, I think I could be in for a PR on the course tomorrow. I am running ten miles at a two-hour pace and the humidity is starting to back down. It may be raining tomorrow. If it does, here’s hoping:

  1. …it rains AFTER I finish
  2. …it’s a short rain
  3. …no thunder/lightning, as most of the course is very public, with street lamps and all kinds of lightning-attracting stuff

So, the die is cast. Indian Head and the Pax River Grand Tour will have to be next year.

Next Sunday will mark the thirtieth anniversary of my graduation from Marine Corps Recruit Training. The Air Force Half Marathon is scheduled for next Sunday, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to enter and/or find accommodations. Once again, we’ll see,

Song of the Day: “A Sermon”/The Police, a short, sharp homily by Sting, Andy, and Stewart about a pop band climbing the charts. This song didn’t do that well, but the Police had a few others that did much better.

“Turn Up the Radio”/Autograph. To be honest, I just hooped on YouTube and grabbed the first song that had any appeal. But this one is a good 80s hair metal song.

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