MCM 2018/T-minus 53:Split

So…I DID get up, got OUT OF BED… and did my two heavy cycles of the circuit course. I had to defer the 45 minute fartlek because i had to go pick up my laundry when the dry cleaners opened at 0600. Still didn’t make it to work until 0815. Not doing that again.

I did the fartlek about an hour after I got home from work. I couple of years ago, when I had a regular membership at World Gym at St. Mary’s Plaza, I would do my workout in the gym proper, then head out to the parking lot to run my fartlek. Now I run it on the road outside the main apartment office/fitness center. The difference is that the road outside the office has a gentle decline, as opposed to the mostly flat parking lot of the Plaza. I like the idea of doing my four minute runs climbing up a hill, alternating with the resting minute jog downhill. Then there’s the running downhill and the slow jog uphill. I think it helps break the monotony of a run that is geared to a slower pace.

Tomorrow is my Friday four-miler, this time down Willows Road to MD-5 and back up Willows to the end of the iStore storage complex about a quarter mile up the road from my apartment complex. let’s see how much I add/subtract tomorrow.

Song of the Day: The B-52s present “Song for a Future Generation”, a sweet classic about boy meets girl and the “have a baby, NOW! LA-LALALA!” And then there’s “Legal Tender,” a little ditty about the joys of counterfeiting money. I think the video focused a little too much on Kate and not enough on Susan; I thought blondes had more fun?

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