MCM 2018/T-minus 54:Short

Again, my land navigation skills fail me.

Okay, first, I figured out how to load courses on the MapMyRun App on my phone. Open the app, hit “Routes” on the drop down bars, select the route you want to run, then hit “Load Route.”

When I did that this morning, I pulled up the route that I wanted to run, the Glen Mary Farm Road 4 (aka GMFR4). When I viewed the route on my phone, I didn’t see the starting point, and I assumed that the GPS was off. What I didn’t realize at the time was the red dot was the END of the course.

After working harder than I should have to put my phone in my bicep pouch, I took off down south Willows Road. Where the street lights were lit, they were LIT. When I got to the patch of forest canopy near the mile and a half mark of my run, it was DARK. No light whatsoever, and sunrise wasn’t until after 6 AM.

The run wasn’t a problem. I finished the run where I started, at Green Meadow Lane at the back entrance of Abberly Crest apartments . I usually start my runs there and end by going up one last hill towards the main entrance at Abberly Crest Lane. Unfortunately I forgot that I was supposed to finish the last uphill, costing me 3/10 if the 4 mile run. Too bad, though, I had an 11:30 pace on a fairly hilly course.


Song of the Day: While I was at work this afternoon, the phrase “calling all girls” popped into my head. I immediately thought of the 80s Queen hit “Calling All Girls,” and then a different song with the same name, the video of which graced on of MTV’s early commercials. That song was done by one-hit (one video) wonder Hilly Michaels.

Dude named Hilly. yeah, there goes that music career.

Will I make it to the gym for my 0500 workout/fartlek? We shall see.

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