MCM 2018/T-minus 56:Technology

I am typing this in the dying hours (10:20 PM EST) of Labor Day. The sun didn’t rise until just after 6 AM, and sunset was around 7:20, so summer is pretty much over even though it’s still 17 days until the autumn solstice…or equinox or whatever happens on September 20 (21? I’m not sure anymore).

I am at an 11:30 pace for my shorter runs and about 12 for my longer runs, and that’s a good thing. I think I will pick up the pace once I get in an actual crowd of people. In my fourth year of marathon training, I have adopted the mentality that the only person I am really running against is myself; that mentality I adopted after  being passed by people of both genders and all ages, and remembering that some of them have been doing this longer than I have. That being said, running with other people provides something of a spark and an inspiration to move just a little bit faster.

That is one of the downsides of me not doing the Larry Noel 15K yesterday afternoon. It would have been good to share the road and the experience with a few people, including a friend of mine at work who planned on running it yesterday. Pending his knee problems he also plans on running the Marine Corps Marathon. Given the road course I would have finished near the back of the pack, but still, that’s a shared experience that I sort of missed not running yesterday.

My MapMyRun app on my smartphone has gotten much better on tracking and mapping my runs this week. MMR tracked my run routes, to include distance and altitude, and gave me by-mile split times and the overall time (less the minute or so starting/stopping the app on my phone).

After spending about $7 on eyeglass repair kits and an actual precision screwdriver kit that ACTUALLY had the Size 0 Phillips screwdriver I needed to open the battery door on my clip-on stopwatch/pedometer, the damn thing came back to life sometime Saturday night. My guess is that it somehow became water-logged when it slipped off my wrist and fell into a puddle, during my last run in Peoria. It probably just needed to dry out, although it took about a week.

The air conditioning in my apartment came back on Wednesday afternoon. It has hit a cool 65 degrees on a daily basis since then.

Technology ~ progress.

Will I be able to get a hotel room for the MCM???

Song of the Day:”Get Down Tonight”/KC and the Sunshine Band. In my twenties I mocked everything disco. Today I would rather hear a scratchy version of this song on the radio that a clear sound of 99% of the garbage that is pop music today.

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