MCM 2018/T-minus 58:Muscle

Going to do my 10 miler in seven hours so this will be another short one.

Today was my second “short heavy” circuit of the week. It was supposed to be a lighter workout, but I had to make up for missing the Tuesday workout. I took a look at my training logs and realized that I had not increased my weights since May…over four months. Tuesday was supposed to be where I did my four round circuit with the increased weights, but I skipped it. I almost skipped Thursday’s workout with the added fartlek, but I did that about an hour after I got home from work.

September will be my last month with the current circuit course cycle: four sets regular weights on Tuesday, two sets with heavier weights plus fartlek on Thursday, two sets of light weights on Saturday. As I taper my running distance on October, I will cut my circuits as well, in terms of rounds and weights.

I weighed doing the Larry Noel 15K tomorrow, but I decided to nix traveling this weekend, so I am just going to do the Southeast 10 loop tomorrow instead. South Willow Rd to MD-5, east to Park Hill RD (HWY-489), the Park Hill to Three Notch Road (HWY-235) north back to NAS Gate 2, then turn left towards Shangdi-La/Willow RD and back home.

I haven’t run the 10-mile loop at NAS Patuxent River in over a year; I just realized that. Since I have a car for the week I could probably drive over there and do my 10, but I think i will get a better workout on SE10. I could also get a workout on the Larry Noel run, but not really worth the drive and the late afternoon run.

Hoping for a dry morning tomorrow, had some lightning flashes earlier this evening.

Song of the Day:”Justified and Ancient”/The KLF…and I mean the single version featuring Tammy Wynette not the lame-ass album version.

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