MCM 2018/T-minus 57:Darkness

No moon, full or otherwise this morning as I started my run. There was a fair amount of cloud cover with the occasional lightning, but no thunderstorms and no rain. Not even that much humidity. But darkness all the same.

The southern end of Willow Road has been built up considerably over the last five years, so there were more street lights and house lights than when i started running long ago. But when there was no street lighting it was dark. I don’t think there was any kind of daylight until about six o’clock.

That being said, it was a good run. Run prep was a breakfast of toasted English muffin with peanut butter and a Chobani black cherry yogurt. I got my Nuun 16 oz. water but didn’t have to take too much of a dump. It took a while to adjust my Mio water bottle, my smartphone, and my FlipBelt, but I got underway about 5:05.

The first two miles were the usual incline/decline/banked incline, and then it was pretty much flat from HWY-5 through Park Hill Road. Just before turning on to Three Notch Road/HWY-235, I took a pee break when my MapMyRun app announced I was at the four-mile mark.

Three Notch Road was a steady, gradual incline for about a mile or so, then it flattened out before a sharp dip just before the turn at Three Notch and Great Mills Road. From there, just outside NAS Gate 2, it was the standard finish ofGreat Mills to Willow/Shangri-La, then the last mile plus up Willow and ending at Abberly Crest.

My wristwatch read 1:59.14, and MMR read 2:00.47. Counting 45 seconds off for starting the app, then putting it in my FlipBelt, I did the run at around 2:00 even, for a twelve minute pace. I was hoping for an 11:30 or so, but it’s still a Beat the Bridge pace and i believe it will be a little faster come Marine Corps Marathon day.

I would have liked to sleep in for today, so I could make the drive to Greenbelt, MD for the Larry Noel 15K. The shortened distance could have been easily made up by the challenge of the steep hills (especially the character building, damn near vertical half mile uphill near the end), and I could have used the experience of running with, and eventually behind, a crowd. Thing is, money is kinda tight right now and I still have to look for accommodations for the MCM. Setting across the “sea of faces”, a.k.a running road races, will have to be a case by case basis for now.

For now, the running is good. It’s those other nagging little things called life that I have to address…

Song of the Day: Today’s selections courtesy of WMDM, 97.7 The Rocket out of Mechanicsville, MD.  I got out bed to “Hush” by Deep Purple, and came home to “Flirting’ With Disaster” by Molly Hatchet, followed by “What I Like About You” by the Romantics. Of all the radio stations that I can pick up on my 23-year old boom box (complete with burned out CD laser), The Rocket is the only station that I can consistently put up with. I can’t really name all the disc jockeys/hosts the station has, and none of them actually play the songs. That job is reserved for the program manager. I don’t know who this morning’s PM is, but he or she is on fire this morning. Just got done with “Baba O’Reilly” by the Who and is playing “No-one Like You” by the Scorpions as I am wrapping up this entry.

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