MCM 2018/T-minus 59:Hilton

After sleeping in for the third day in four, I needed a workout and I got one.

I chose to sleep in this morning, missing the 0430 alarm for the 0500 run. I held off running until just after 6:00 PM and ran 5 miles to Hilton Ridge Road and back. Hilton Ridge was one of two five mile courses I drew up this week on MapMyRun; I chose this one because it had more and steeper inclines/declines.

The rule of running hills on an out and back course, what goes down usually does back up, and usually more at the end of a run than the beginning. The course started with the usual down/up/down heading down south Willows Road toward MD-5. As I turned right on MD-5, it was a banked uphill for another half-mile, then it plateaued out towards the turnaround point at Hilton Ridge Road. I headed back down 5 towards Willows Road, then a substantial banked climb, then one last down and an uphill finish.

As short as this course is, there’s not that much flat in the course, except when you go into and out of the turnaround to Hilton Ridge. I burned a lot of energy climbing up MD-5, then back up Willows Road towards the end. Likewise, I tried to make up for the lost time on the climbs by powering through the declines.

I used the MMR app on my phone to time the run, and it looks like I’m just under a twelve minute pace (subbing off a minute and a half for messing with the phone before and after the run). This was not a bad pace considering that Hilton Ridge was more uphills/downhills than flat surfaces.

Speaking of timers, I have spent about 5$ over the last two days trying to find a screwdriver that can open the battery door on my chrono/pedometer. So far, all I’ve done is strip the Phillips head on the screw. Unless I can find a way to get the screw out so i can replace the battery, it may be bye-bye time for my favorite timekeeping, distance measuring tool. It seems only three or four years ago when the fitness industry produced relatively inexpensive wristwatch-type and clip on devices that tracked your running stats like time and distance (maybe even a calorie counter on some models). Stuff like that cost about $45 max. Nowadays you have Fitbit and all the expensive stuff that costs $100~150 for the good stuff.

Tomorrow is another short but heavy circuit. I am toying with the idea of going to Greenbelt, MD for the Larry Noel 15K (just short of 10 mi.). The race is run later in the day (starts at 5:00 PM) and lots of hills, including a steep half-mile near vertical at the race’s climax. About three years ago, I did that vertical climb in the driving rain. Good character builder. We’ll see.

Song of the Day: “3 A.M. Eternal”/The KLF. Kopyright Liberation Front. This song was popular when I returned home from Desert Shield/Desert Storm. The video link gives an interesting story about the “band.” Worth a Google. I’d tell you more, but I need to hit Chik-Fil-A before it closes in 20 minutes…

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