MCM 2018/T-minus 60:Lazy

Okay it’s quarter after 10PM, I have to run in less than seven hours, so this is gonna be quick.

I slept in once again, so I didn’t do my heavy circuit workout/45 minute fartlek until 6:00 tonight. Got finished after 7:30, got my protein shake, and then dinner an hour later.

Tomorrow I am going to do the HWY 5 North run. No idea where my phone is, so I can’t ID it right now.

Lazy as all get out right now, so I will close for today.


Song of the Day: “Darkness”/The Police. My sister collected most every record that my sister had, and I think I wore out the vinyl and a few needles on the old stereo record player. This and “Behind my Camel” may not have been the happiest tunes ever but I really dug their melancholy vibes.

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