MCM 2018/T-Minus 61:Skip

Out of laziness, and then out of frustration of my apartment’s air conditioner STILL not being fixed, I skipped yesterday’s circuit course. BS excuse, I know.

About 24 hours ago, I plotted a couple of five-mile courses and this week’s ten-miler on MapMyRun. Both of the five milers start by going south on Willows Road towards HWY-5. I decided to save the harder run for Friday and do the Abberly Crest to NAS Gate 1 for this morning.

The Gate 1 course normally goes over five miles because I run all the way to the guard post and back out to Three Notch Road. I decided to shorten it by just turning around at the light, but ended up shaving a quarter mile off the course.

The humidity returned this morning, but at least I had the full moon for at least one more night. It was nice looking up over my shoulder and seeing it as I ran under the forest canopy about a quarter mile from my start point. Having the moonlight was a good thing because dawn didn’t break until just after six this morning. So much for early sunrises in the summer.

I ran at a good pace, although I really didn’t feel it. Maybe it was the Red Baron pepperoni mini deep dish pizzas I ate the night before? And MapMyRun accurately caught my run and showed me how much I cut off the original course.

Because I also have the 45 fartlek tomorrow morning, I will need to “hit the gym” a little earlier than 0500 tomorrow. Oh, and for missing yesterday’s workout, I am doing two “heavy sets” tomorrow and Saturday.

Song of the Day: “It’s All Too Much” and “Hey, Bulldog”/Beatles. IATM was the closing song to the Beatles animated movie “Yellow Submarine”, and HB was the song played in the scene deleted from the original movie. God alone knows why HB was left out of the original film, the song really rocked. So did IATM.

Oh, and my air conditioner is working again.

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