MCM 2018/T-minus 63:Peoria


My last post before my extended hiatus was the evening of my 30-year high school reunion. I had a few good laughs, made up with a classmate for pointless political fighting on Facebook, took more bad pictures than good (damn smartphone) and had four bottles of Miller Lite. This was Saturday night, August 19.

I sounded reveille at 0400 on Sunday the 20th. I decided the night before that my 10 miler would be a run by my alma mater, Richwoods Community High School of Peoria, IL (GO KNIGHTS). Despite the four beers, I felt okay to run.

When I mapped out the run on MapMyRun the night before, I had the phrase (Glen Avenue on my mind. It was on the course somewhere (or was it Gale Avenue?), but I had mistaken it for my first left turn. Looking for Glen (Gale?) Avenue, I backed up on my first left turn, pausing to wave hello at the Peoria policeman inside his speed trap cruiser. I was on the correct road (Forrest Hill Ave.), but kept going until I hit Glen Avenue, which turned out to be Nebraska Avenue. That mistake cost me an extra mile for my Sunday run and probably added a few seconds to my overall pace.

Nebraska Avenue turned onto the main stretch of University Street. The last half mile from Glen Avenue (a-HA!) to Richwoods had a pair on good inclines and declines, with the last one leading up to Northmoor Road and RHS itself.

After running onto the campus and a quick “pass and review” of the ol’ alma mater, I crossed back towards the back half of Northmoor Rd., which was torn up due to construction but still crossable. North moor turned onto Allen Rd., which then took a right turn and a steep incline up War Memorial Drive. After making the turnaround at the Huck’s gas station, I headed down War Memorial. Just before my last scheduled water point, I checked my MapMyRun to see where I was at. The app said I had done 8.75 miles to that point, confirming that I was in for some bonus mileage today.

War Memorial was one more series of decline to incline before heading back on to Sterling Avenue and back home. MMR had me doing 11.17 miles in 2.24, at a 12.54 pace. Not that great of a pace, but still enough to make the 14 minute “Beat the Bridge” pace.

For some inexplicable technical reason, MMR stopped tracking my run around the same time that I made my distance/time check. Maybe I accidentally ended the workout? I’m not sure what happened that day, but the app DID properly track my four milers on Wednesday and Friday.


Landmark Recreation Center is a combination fitness center (aka “gym”)/bowling alley/movie theater/entertainment complex that has been operating since i was in grade school. It’s also a convenient quarter mile from my home in Peoria. I opted to go there for my circuit course and fartlek workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.

On Tuesday afternoon, I went to Landmark’s gym, purchased an $8 day pass, and headed to the workout area. The first area is in the infield of the three-lane indoor track, with a group of Nautilus workout machines flanked by two sets of treadmills and elliptical machines. It took me five minutes to determine that the Nautilus area had all of the machines I needed to execute my circuit course.

At one of the doorways of the first workout area, I found another area with free weights, dumbbells, and machines that used weight plates. In an effort to change up my routine, I decided that the free weights area would be where I would do my Thursday “heavy” circuit, then do my fartlek on the indoor track.

I got through both the regular and heavy workouts with no issues on Tuesday and Thursday. The gym was populated on both days, but not to the point where I had to “share the gym” with lots of people during my workouts. The indoor track was convenient and had no other running traffic in the single running lane, and the two walking lanes had few users.

After both workouts, I treated myself to a delicious and inexpensive strawberry flavored protein shake.

Landmark Recreation center may not be as flashy as Gold’s Gym or World Gym, and I’ve never been to the Peoria Riverplex (another fitness/entertainment complex down by the Illinois River downtown), but I got everything I needed within reasonable distance and expense.


On my Wednesday and Friday runs, I didn’t get the chance to map them on MMR due to limited internet access, so I took my smartphone with the MMR app. My plan was to listen for the one and two mile verbiage cues to mark my turnaround points. Not only did the plan work, but MMR actually mapped out my runs like it was designed to. PROGRESS.

The full moon was out all week, but I never saw it. It was overcast on Wednesday morning; Friday morning I found myself in a thunderstorm, although the downpour was not as heavy as the thunder and lightning suggested. The lightning on Friday morning was a concern; Sterling Avenue was lined with plenty of lampposts, and I was concerned (somewhat) with being that one-in 10,000 to be killed by a lightning strike. I did survive the Friday thunderstorm run, vowing NEVER to do that again, but my quest for a post run chocolate milk was cancelled when the downpour intensified.

The Wednesday run was short stroll north on Sterling Avenue, then a turn onto the rolling hills of War memorial Drive and back. The Friday run went south on Sterling, going downhill to Farmington Road until I heard the “two mile warning” on my phone, and then the climb back up Sterling towards home. Got good sub 12 minute paces both days.


My trusted chromo-pedo unit has gone blank; I discovered it late Saturday night as I prepare for the Sunday run. It probably just needs a new battery, provided I can find a jeweler’s screwdriver to open the rusted screw on the battery lid.

MapMyRun batted 2 for 4 this week. No idea what’s happening with the GPS tracking on these longer runs.

I am never doing online check cashing ever again. Better to pay another bank to cash it than wait two business days for the rest of your money.

My apartment has not had proper air conditioning this month. I wasted a day of personal Time Off for the maintenance man to tell me there was an external electrical problem with the outside a/c connecting to my inside a/c…and they need that fixed so they can find the leak in my internal a/c.


“Sister Golden Hair”/America: “I’ve been one poor correspondent/And I’m too, too hard to find/But that doesn’t mean/You ain’t been on my mind.” I want that on my tombstone when I die.

“Be True to Your School”/Beach Boys: Because HIGH SCHOOL REUNION!!!

“Nobody’s Fool”/Cinderella: Because artists for today have names that start with ABC. Cinderella was the first band that came to mind, and I’m not up for research right now. Still a damn good song.

“Lightning Strikes”/Aerosmith: Theme song for Friday, even though actual lightning and gang violence (the theme of this song) are two different things.

I have to go workout in under ten hours…

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