MCM 2018/T-minus 64:Chancellor

I took a vacation from blogging but not from working out. Recap tomorrow.

The trip to Rosslyn, VA for running the Mount Vernon Trail was cancelled because I didn’t read the fine print on online depositing of checks. On to Plan B and MapMyRun.

Today’s course, which I completed just over two hours ago, took me from Willow Road to Three Notch Rd./HWY 235 (via a short jump from Great Mills Rd.), to Chancellor’s Run Rd. and then a short run down Great Mills MD-5, with a hill run up to Little Flower School, then back all the way I came. 18.3 miles in 3:42.56, for a 12: 10 pace.

As i rounded Great Mills onto Three Notch, I was finally greeted by the elusive full moon that had been out all this week. Between a half hour of full moon and no humidity, i had a great running environment to start with.

Last week, I discovered that I can fit a sixteen ounce bottle of water in my FlipBelt (along with four packs of Gu energy packs), and if I turn the entry slits to the inside towards my body, I can keep the bottle from falling out. This week, however, I struggled with getting the bottle out properly, costing me about a minute and a half as I had to stop and re-araange everything. I also had two pee breaks, first at Wawa just before the four mile mark and then at the Sheetz at HWY-5/Great Mills.

The steepest incline/decline on the course was the three mile stretch of Chancellor’s Run Rd., and then from Chancellor’s to the Sheetz. After passing the Sheetz, it was a steady climb up to my turnaround point in front of the Little Flower School, a grade school run by the nearby Catholic Church.

The water/Gu “breaks” got shorter and better as I gradually emptied the bottle of Nuun-energy mixed water. I didn’t have my “revolt of the thighs,” which is when my calves and thighs tend to tighten up really hard around miles 15 thru 17. However, i think that between the pee breaks and the ruling hills of Chancellor’s Run, I couldn’t get my 11:30 or so pace back when I hit the return leg of Three Notch Rd.

This being my longest run of the year, everything turned out all right. I stretched out with a purpose this morning, so I have no issues to report with my muscles, ligaments or that all-important knee cartilage. I may have to rethink my water-carrying strategy for training (drawstring backpack?). Lastly, I hope the running weather gets better as summer turns into fall.

Labor Day weekend will be a 10 miler, and then a 20 miler the week after that. I would like to do at least one half marathon before I taper the long runs before the MCM. This week will start my last full week of the circuit training before I taper that as well.

Oh, and I still don’t have a room for MCM weekend.

Song of the day: “Shadows of the Night”/Pat Benatar. I heard this song while shopping in The Nut House, a candy and nuts store in downtown Peoria. Even after I had paid for my $7 worth of chocolate cherries and pecan clusters, I waited for the song to end before I left the premises. Fortunately, the nice lady at the counter understood, and a group of female customers also came in so she could do business.

I like this song because of the World War Two dogfight video starring Mrs. Benatar and her backing band, shooting down a squadron of German fighter planes at the climax of the video. I want somebody to do a remake of the video with a Star Wars theme…maybe Pat and her guitarist husband as fellow A-wing pilots battling the Super Star Destroyer ta the climax of “Return of the Jedi?”

“Runner”/Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. Self-explanatory.

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