MCM 2018/T-minus 73: Home

Everything went smooth today.

5-miler at 11:07 pace? Check.

Got picked up by Uber driver and made the airport on time? Check.

Mostly uneventful flight home? BWI to Atlanta was good. Atlanta to Peoria was a half hour late and had minimal air conditioning for the flight.

Portillo’s for dinner? Check.

Logged into WordPress so I can do my blog? Check.

Song of the Day: “Blue Monday.” One song by New Order, three covers:

First cover by 90s nu-metal band Orgy. Added guitar crunch and goth synthesizer. Guitar riffs before the chorus are awesome.

Second cover by Bythroniaid Male Voice Choir. This version was commissioned for the Festival No. 6 Music Festival in Portmeirion, UK. Male voices backed by piano and full orchestra. Go YouTube it.

Third version by Orkestra Obsolete, commissioned by BBC Arts. Musicians using instruments from the 1930s and 1940s. Again, go YouTube it.

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