MCM 2018/T-minus 72: Reunion

Light circuit course cancelled for the second straight week.

Spent the last half-hour plotting the run course for tomorrow. I plotted two of them, and the one I am taking will be the route that goes by my high school alma mater, Richwoods Community High School of Peoria, IL. In honor of my 30-year high school reunion (happening tonight) I will run by the building and take an honorary 4 mile mark Mio water drink. I will be lucky to carry my 20 oz. bottle of Mio water and my smartphone, which will be running the MapMyRun app, so no in-run photos of the old alma mater will be taken.

I have a couple of 4-milers this week, I wonder if I can find my old high school cross country team’s routes on line?

My runs were good this week, but I only did one circuit course; will my leg muscles and knee cartilage hold up as I venture into the long-run portion of my training schedule? Now I get to see if my one-month conditioning schedule (March) will hold up against my weight training no-shows. We shall see.

I need to set the alarm for tomorrow morning so I can do all my pre-run stuff.

Song of the Day: Went to look for Billboard’s Top 10 for the week I graduated high school. Yipes. Okay, out oh the BBTop10, the No. 1 song was George Michael’s “One More Try.” Let’s just say his solo career got much better from that point on…

Of the other nine songs, only “Shattered Dreams” by Johnny Hates Jazz would be the only thing that would go on any of my personal mixtapes/mix CDs/playlists. JHJ’s song made it to No.2…and then we never heard from them again.

Of the BBTop100, “Tall Cool One” by Robert Plant, which he shamelessly rips off parts from one of his Led Zeppelin songs, is pretty much the best of a mediocre lot.

High School Reunion officially kicks off in 43 minutes…see y’all tomorrow.

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