MCM 2018/T-Minus 77:Schedule

So this is what we call the Week In Review:

I’m back. No, really I’m back.

My strained groin is no longer an issue. My new running shoes have broken in nicely. My after run soreness is nothing that a sitz bath, chocolate milk, and proper stretching can’t handle. 11:30 pace.

I survived an 8 4/5 mile run with no second tech shirt, Body Glide, or extra water or nutrition. And I probably would have kept that 11:30 pace Sunday if not for Friday’s misadventure. Still 25 miles in two days is a good thing for me.

Near-term…not as rosy. I’m supposed to be going home for my 30th year class reunion on Saturday, but I have no money or flight ticket home yet. Long term, I have no place to stay for the MCM weekend. Which means I ned to get my stuff together this week or else.

Oh, and I think I lost my driver’s license…yum.

Gonna be a long short week. I go on vacation Thursday, but I’m not sure exactly when I’ll be home. I’m off base, but will I be able to get to the gym? Running’s not a problem. I have a 4 mile course (Thames Avenue, dammit!) and mapping out a five miler is no problem. The 10 miler this week will be on Saturday or Sunday, not sure which.

Running is not the problem…life is.

Song of the Day:”Birdhouse in Your Soul”/They Might be Giants. A song about the Nite Lite as religious artifact…or something. One of those you play when you’re near clinical depression and you need an emergency pick-me-up.

“Hey Ya”/Outkast: See above, except not a song about Nite-Lites. Made in the year 2000, but it feels so much older, like one those high-energy 60s R&B songs.

“Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”/Crash Test Dummies. A song about how life  can be so strange to kids. Really, I’m just throwing stuff at the wall when I’m trying to describe my SOTD. Damn good song, funny video.

Back to the gym in the morning…right, Uber?

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