MCM 2018/T-minus 79:Water

I am typing this blog post at 7:30 PM; I should have been doing this earlier but…LAZY.

I cancelled today’s light circuit for two reasons. First, because I overdid it on yesterday’s short run because I missed the turnaround point. I did more than double the mileage I was supposed to, and at a record pace. Second, I have no way to a gym. I have no car and I’m staying at a hotel; an Uber ride to my apartment complex to use the gym would have been impractical.

I am right now trying to hydrate for tomorrow’s run; I anticipate another humid morning so I am making sure that I can finish the run without becoming a heat casualty. For fuel, It’s one Snicker’s bar for breakfast (don’t judge me!) and three Gu packs every four miles with my 4 oz. Mia water.

Still reflecting on yesterday’s run. I did just under nine miles yesterday without any water breaks, pre-run or in-run fuel, or anti-chafing prep. Still managed an 11:25 pace despite spending the first half of the run looking for a Thames Ave. sign I passed two miles ago. I will be better prepared tomorrow, but it is a nice confidence boost. Tomorrow’s run will be the longest of the year, and coming two weeks after a one week-layoff due to injury, so it’s kind of a big deal.

Random thought: I just saw a TV commercial where people are begging for upgrades at an airline. My last few flights I’ve been on, I’ve always been offered an upgrade, so WTF. The tagline, for the Emirates Airlines commercial : “Don’t upgrade your seat, upgrade your airline.” Yeah, like Joe Average can afford Emirates Airline airfare. Please.

Random thought No.2: The Little League World Series is getting closer to Back to School week this year, is it not?

Song of the day: “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting”/Elton John: First song I picked out on YouTube. Has the former Reginald Vardy (his real name) ever been in anything resembling a bar brawl? Not that I’m one to talk, I’m just asking. Still, it’s a pretty energetic song.

“Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”/Michael Jackson: I heard “Off the Wall” for the first time in decades while on my Uber ride to pick up my laundry. Never mind “Thriller” and “Bad,”, “Off the Wall” may have been his best solo album ever. I’m sure people would be willing to “step out back” to settle that argument. Right now, listening to “OTW” and digging that bass line.

So much to do after tomorrow’s run…but usually I’m not worth a damn after any run longer than twelve miles…

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