MCM 2018/T-minus 78:Ring

Reiville at 0400. Snickers bar 10 minutes later.

Skin-So-Soft, Bodyglide, two tech shirts. Running shorts and running shoes. Day-Glo hat, carry bag for my Nuun water and Gu’s, Flipbelt for my phone. Pedro/chrono attached to Dayglo wristband.

MapMyRun activated, pedo/chrono started, and on the road at 0505.

Still dark at 0505 with no real sunlight until about 0530 (I guess). Humidity was negligible; it was overcast until about 0730 and the sun didn’t really start shining until about 0800. Marine Corps Marathon weather, in my humble opinion.

Three Notch to Park Hil Rd/489W: Got a look at the Thames Avenue sign I missed on Friday. Started with a downward slope, then a gradual climb for about a mile from Thames Avenue. Weather felt good and so did my body.

Park Hill Rd/HWY5/Great Mills Rd: I ran against traffic, trying to compensate for overprinting my right leg. Mostly flat until just after Glen Mary Farm Lane  (8 miles at 1:34.22), when a short downhill preceded a gradual banking uphill. Another downhill at HWY5/Great Mills leading to the Sheetz gas station before climbing up Great Mills Rd/HWY 246. Sunlight started breaking out after I passed Sheetz.

Great Mills Rd/HWY 246: Up and down the two largest climbs of the run. Quick No.1 at McDonalds (no breakfast ’til later!). At the bottom of the last hill, about a quarter mile from NAS Patuxenr River Gate 2, my thighs started giving out on me. Nothing major, but I think this is where I lost my 11:30 pace.

Three Notch Rd to “home:” In retrospect, I could have done without the downhill/uphill loop towards Gate 1 and the closing loop around the Expedition Drive office complex because it just added extra length to the run. Still, I planned them, so I ran them.

At the end, the pedo/chrono said 3:25.10 for 15.3 miles. MapMyRun pissed me off again; it cut off my entire route from Park Hill Road through HWY 5 and Great Mills Road, and had me going from Park Hills Road right back “home.” Unbelievable.

I finished with a 12:30 pace, which is understandable considering my adventure from Friday. At this point, sixteen miles done is just that, and any run where you finish faster than a jog and with no major injuries is an accomplishment in itself.

Song of the Day: “Mountain Sound”/Of Monsters and Men: I forgot exactly where I first heard this song, but I heard it while shopping for dinner yesterday. Just as I remembered how much I liked it, a PSA from the store came on. Dammit! Still a good running song though.

“Paranoid”/Type O Negative: “Finished with my woman/she couldn’t help with me with my mind…” Ozzy? We don’t need no stinking’ Ozzy! Seriously though, TON is abetter cover bad than we ever give them credit for. “CAN YOU HELP ME FEEEEL, LOVE LOVE/’CAUSE HE’S NOT MADE OF STEEL, LOVE!!!”

Blog done…it’s nap time. You kids go out and play…

PS: I didn’t have my Mio today so I split a Nuun tab among my three 4 oz. waters. And I forgot my compression socks. Oh, well…

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