MCM 2018/T-Minus 81:Track

This morning was the heavy set circuit course, followed by a half-hour fartlek. Actually it’s forty minutes with a five minute warm up jog and a five minute cool down jog.

My original plan was to drive out to Drill Hall Gymnasium at NAS Patuxent River, do the workout, then drive over to a circular track about a quarter mile from the gym. However, I remembered that people actually ran laps on the gym floor. To save me the time and the drive, I went ahead and ran row laps on the gym floor.

There was a few interesting sights as I knocked out the fartlek: a group of U.S.Navy sailors doing their morning PT (looked like windsprints or shuttle runs with pushups in between); what looked like a Crossfit class doing a circuit course of their own. They had all kinds of weights and exercises to include a pushing sled. At some intervals they ran up and down a flight of stairs.

On the drive back to my hotel, I saw that the base had built a combination sports field with  running track on the outer perimeter. Not lined like the circular track but it was still a nice place to run laps. Maybe next time?

Tomorrow is a timed run, another four-miler. Rather than make the drive to the base, I mapped out an out-and-back course from the hotel, down Three Notch Road/Highway 235 and back. The turnaround point is a street called Thames Avenue.

Random thought: I’m staying in an Extended Stay America hotel because i am waiting for my apartment managers to get my air conditioning unit fixed. Two advantages this place has over my home right now: air conditioning, and television.

The TV is off right now,

Random thought 2: I mapped out an alternate 16 mile route, just in case I wake up still in this hotel on Sunday.

Song of the Day: “The Last Stand”/The Bombshell Belles. The original song is performed by a Scandinavian metal group named Sabaton; the Bombshell Belles, an all-female boogie-woogie 40’s type singing trio, did a real nice job covering the song. All this pretty ladies singing about war and death…fascinating. They’re pretty easy on the eyes as well.

“Paint it, Black”/Rolling Stones. For a lot of reasons, one being Bill Wyman’s bass guitar near the end.

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