MCM 2018/T-minus 80: Thames?

Okay, I can’t count, I don’t know how to read maps, and I don’t pay attention well when I’m running. It’s a wonder I haven’t been hit by a car in over four years of doing this.

The original plan was to run from my hotel (Extended Stay America) to Thames Avenue and back, just over my planned four miles. After passing a hilly quarter mile stretch, I assumed (ass-you-me) that the Thames Avenue turnaround would be a little father down the road. I never saw the sign for Thames Road.

As I kept running and going further down HWY-235/Three notch Road, I took a look at my pedometer-stopwatch and it read over 49 minutes. If I was going a twelve minute pace, I would have been at four miles already. Yup I went to far. I finally made the turnaround at David’s Way and made the long trek back.

Aside from going too far, I realized that I had not taken my usual anti-chafing procedures. I had only one tech shirt one (i usually wear two) and I didn’t apply Body Glide this morning. I was anticipating a run of plus or minus four miles, not just over eight.

On the run for home, I took a look at the left side of the road and saw the Imagine One offices, and oh, look…Thames Avenue. Apparently I was spacing after that long upward stretch and blew right past it. I took off my fluorescent shirt for a while to prevent any nipple chafing, only to attract a substantial sized bumblebee (wasp? hornet?)…and no I didn’t have any Skin-So_Soft on my bare chest either.

For all that, my extended short run session went better than expected. The chaffing issues never arose (Thank God!). I didn’t get stung or bitten, despite going bare-chested for a mile plus. And I made it back in 1:40.34. the pedometer said 7.51 miles, but I just mapped it out on MapMyRun and it said I ran 8.81 miles.


I am back in the hotel cooling off right now as I am typing this. I am cancelling tomorrow’s light circuit run so I can heal up for Sunday’s sixteen miler. I am somewhat tight in my thighs, but it should be nothing that w cool down stretch and walk around can’t fix. Also, not a bad pace for over eight miles, considering i spent about two of them looking for the Thames Avenue sign.

Ummm…I’m on a roll? We’ll see Sunday morning.

Song of the Day: “When the Tigers Broke Free”/Pink Floyd. First: it’s mostly Roger Walters on vocals and a band with horns and drums (unless drummer Nick mason is with the drum corps somewhere in this song). Second, this song never appeared on the original album of “The Wall,” but later appeared in the movie and was regularly played live. Basically, it’s Roger Waters’ account of how his father was killed in World War II; a good early part of the concept album and movie deals with that issue.

I pulled that song out on a whim this morning; i can’t explain why I had such a taste for it at quarter to five in the morning…

PS: Ran it at an 11;25 pace. Welladay!

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