MCM 2018/T-minus 82: Circuit

About ten years ago, I hired a personal trainer. The best thing he ever taught me was the workout strategy I use to this day: the circuit course.

At the tender age of forty-eight, having a bodybuilder’s physique will require time that I don’t have and I diet I do not desire (or necessarily need). I can, however, get in shape and stay in shape, build my body to run better, and perhaps leave this earth with all my limbs and fingers and toes.

My circuit “philosophy” is built on three ideas:

Proper technique: Working the right muscles with the right motion

Balanced weight: Enough to do twelve reps and still build muscle and burn calories

Keep moving: Moving from one exercise as quickly as possible

Today was the first time in two years that I went to the Drill Hall gym facility on base at NAS Patuxent River. I was not familiar with the machines, as I had to use some of them to take the place of the machines that I used at Abberly Crest’s facility. On top of that, the place was fairly populated for 0500 in the morning.

I have no problem with public gyms being a faulty for the public; I get it. It’s just that I wish other people would reciprocate the feeling. For example: if you have to do multiple sets on a machine or bench, do you need that much recovery time where you won’t let someone work in a set? And could you not play with your smartphone while you’re working out.

This morning it wasn’t that big of a deal as I performed other parts of the workout while waiting to use the machine that I needed. It got annoying going through three or four different exercises while watching some other person do one set…then just sit there…and do another set…wash, rinse repeat.

Even with the bigger crowd I still got done in just under fifty minutes. Not bad.

I have to get up infuse and a half hours to go run as I type this. No slacking this week, I have sixteen miles this Sunday.

Song of the day: “Chase” by Giorgio Moroder, composed and performed for the movie “Midnight Express.” I hope they have the thirteen minute twelve-inch version on iTunes…

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