MCM 2018/T-Minus 84: Home

Today is my off day, and this is where I write my Week In Review.

After a week layoff due to a strained groin/thigh muscle, I came back strong. Lighter weights during my circuit course days, and slower speeds during my short runs. It all culminated in an 11:24 pace on yesterday’s run on the National Mall.

This week, I have a bit of a curve as i rev up for a 16 mile run on Sunday. I’m living at a hotel while I’m waiting for a new air conditioner. I am closer to NAS Patuxent River than the gym at my house, so I will have to drive on base, work out, then shower and change at the gym and head in to work. I’ll probably have to do the same thing for my runs.

I also found out that none of my Marine friends will be running the MCM this year, meaning I will have to scramble for a room or make alternate arrangements for MCM Sunday.

I am sorry for this short post, but it’s just after 8:00 p.m. I haven’t eaten dinner, and I still haven’t got back to my apartment to get clothes and PT gear for this week. Lordy I am such a goof-off.

Song of the Day: “Echoes”/Pink Floyd. Several years after Syd Barrett but several years before the Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, there was this twenty-four minute classic jam. Had this on before i went to bed last night.

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