MCM 2018/T-minus 85: Mall

Got up a minute before 0400 this morning. Realized that I did NOT set the alarm on my smartphone (a recurring theme for the day).

Skin-So-Soft applied to the exposed limbs and face. Bodyglide for the lower extremities, even though it was only five miles. Fluorescent yellow tech shirt, sporting Marine Corps emblem and Marine Corps league emblem, over old black tech shirt. Red Marine running trunks. Copper Fit short socks, then new Asics running shoes. White day-goo running hat, then pedometer attached to day-goo wristband.Regular stretching routine, a little YouTube and out the door by 0440.

Fifteen minute walk from the hotel to the red brick pillar at the corner of 7th Street and Constitution Ave. in downtown Washington, DC. It was still dark at 0500 when I arrived and my arms were already slick with sweat. One more thing I noticed: the walk down 7th  Street was downhill. Gonna be a tough cool down walk back.

One more quick stretch, adding the groin stretch, ankle rotations, and one more Japanese Ham Sandwich body stretch. Activated the MapMyRun app, reset my pedometer, and off I went. Running at full throttle for the first time in two weeks.

At the end of the run, my pedometer said 0:59.52 (fifty-nine minutes, fifty-two seconds), MapMyRun said 1:00.37 in 5.31 miles. According to MMR, I ran the five miles at an 11:24 pace. A mile before reaching the U.S. Capitol, I felt my empty stomach and got somewhat winded…and that was the extent of my physical problems. No more strained groin or thigh…no fibromyalgia flare-ups…no plantar issues…and no sore knee cartilage. I didn’t even really feel the uphill march back on my cool-down walk back to the hotel.

So, my running groove is back (pending my 16-miler next Sunday), my beard game is a little better-got it trimmed on Friday and trying this new beard oil. My technology, well…

I have taken the habit of posting a selfie on my smartphone and posting it to Facebook. Unfortunately, I want to post them to the Marine Corps Marathon/10K Runners Group, but I never can. Why?

I have been using the MapMyRun app for over a month. MMR made a hot mess of my first run, claiming that I ran 19 miles when I only ran three. MMR also said I ran clear up to Hollywood, MD when I went no farther than Shangri-La Road a mile from my home. Everything was just fine on the second run (Sheetz 8-miler), the ONLY run to date where it mapped my run route AND an accurate time.

I DID get actual run stats and a look at the route I actually ran (aborted potty break at the Lincoln memorial and I took Pennsylvania Ave. instead of Connecticut Ave. on the turn for home). Unfortunately, as of 1100 this morning, my run STILL has not synced, despite excellent Wi-Fi in my hotel room and wide open spaces and accompanying smartphone coverage in downtown DC.


And finally I tried to hook up my Android smartphone to my iMac so can upload my run photos to FB and post them on the MCM/10K group page by downloading from my saved pics. Despite uploading the app a month ago…no joy.


Oh…I wanted to watch the English FA Community Shield between Chelsea and Manchester City, but unless I have ESPN’s app and I want to burn my smartphone battery, it’s not happening.

I thought technology was supposed to help us?

Song of the Day: “Tell Me Why”/Supermode:90s electronics based on the chorus of “Small-town Boy”/Bronski beat. “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”/Eiffel 65: Very catchy and enjoyable 90s dance song. YouTube BONUS: Kool and the Gang v. Van Halen mash-up of “Celebration (music)” and “Runnin’ with the Devil (lyrics).”



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