MCM 2018/T-minus 88: #TBT

Random notes on this circuit/fartlek Thursday:

I think the rain is saving itself for the night time hours here in southern Maryland. It’s gone back to being hot and muggy during the day.

No fartlek this week; thirty-minute session on the elliptical was on the schedule today.

This week marks the fortieth anniversary of the movie theater release of “Animal House” and the thirty-four year anniversary of the release of “Revenge of the Nerds.” Given today’s social justice warrior/politically correct culture on today’s college campuses, good luck trying to re-boot either of these movies today. However, if you got a really good writer and director team (where have you gone, John Landis and Mel Brooks?) you could set up a major slapstick movie pitting the slobs of Delta Tau Chi (Animal House) and the nerds of Lambda Lambda Lambda (ROTN) versus the PCSJW students and faculty of (insert fictional college here).

Kind of pre-packing for my Saturday trip to DC. Already have my running gear picked out: my newly embroidered MCM shirt with the Marine Corps emblem on the left breast and the Marine Corps League emblem on the right. Also wearing a pair of bright red and gold-trimmed running shorts I purchased many years ago. Still waiting for my compression copper socks to get out of the dryer, though.

I’m running Friday and Sunday, weather be damned.

On the schedule for tomorrow: semi-annual visit to my financial planner, haircut and beard trim at Sport Cuts (so long, alleged afro that I have been trying to grow since April), make travel plans for August (high school reunion/visit sister and brother) and October (Marine Corps Marathon).

I can’t post videos anymore, but I can list “Song(s) of the Day.”

8/2/18 SOTD: “Shout” by Otis Day and the Knights or the Isley Brothers; “Photograph” by Def Leppard; “Wasting” by The Soft Moon.

Thirty more years, Mr. Limbaugh!!!

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