MCM 2018/T-minus 89: Trot

Alarm went off at 0430. Got out of bed at 0435.

Got dressed. Applied Skin-So-Soft. Stretched out. Out the door at 0455, chugging a Nuun Energy water just before I head out the door.

No rain, but not much light either. Overcast as hell, so no full moon or dawn sunrise. The road is fairly lit in some places, thought.

First few strides-no pain. Good pace, but I slowed down in a few spots. Not a timed run today (and won’t be timed Friday, either). Not thinking about the pain, my mind got to wander as I neared the hill near the end.

Feeling good as I write this. No sore groin muscle or cartilage pain in my left knee. New running shoes feel good after two runs. Cool down walk included a quick trot to the clubhouse to watch Fox Business Network AM as I stretched out and did a Japanese Ham Sandwich.

Now it’s breakfast and getting ready for work. Today will be a bit long; a friend is leaving the workplace and today is his going-away party.

Light circuit and fartlek tomorrow. See y’all then…

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