MCM 2018/T-minus 91: Rest

Random thoughts on this rest day:

If you’re going to make a dump cake for your office party, and you want people to eat as much of it as possible, it doesn’t help if your cake looks like the surface of the moon (or some barren planet).

Office Cake bake-off: waaay too many Type 2 diabetics making waaay too many sweet things to eat. Wonder how many people had blood glucose readings over 300 today?

Yes, I’m throwing stones in my glass house.

Between the junk I ate today, and the leftover dump cake, I just bought myself 0430 revile for 0500 PT every day this week. And unless Vlad Putin, Kim the Rocket Mna, or some terrorist group drops a nuke on the Patuxent River area, I’m running Wed/Fri/Sun weather be damned.

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