MCM 2018: T-Minus 90-Grind

Well, I DID get up at 0430 this morning to go to the fitness center at my apartment complex.

I DIDN”T actually work out this morning. I actually tumbled back into bed until 0500, then half-heartedly trudged to the fitness center, then went back to the apartment.

So, I actually just came back from my lightened-weight circuit course, and I’m chugging my post-workout whey protein shake as i type this blog entry.


…and I just did a Japanese Ham Sandwich for my posy-workout cool down. Even though I violated my eighteen hour rule (gym work MUST be completed no later than eighteen hours of a run) I should be okay for tomorrow morning.

There is a full moon out this week, but it probably won’t matter because 1) it’s usually dawn when I start running and 2) it is scheduled to rain all this week. In fact it was drizzling out this morning as I made my way out to my aborted workout.

My plan is to take it easy this week in the gym and on the road. I am reducing my weights by 10~20 percent, and I don’t plan on going full-speed on the runs unless I feel I can.

In the long term though, August is going to be my heavy month. I’m looking at a 16-miler on August 12th (next Sunday), a ten miler in Peoria, IL (my hometown) on Saturday the 18th, and then coming back home on the 26th for an 18-miler (probably the Mount Vernon Trail at Rosslyn, VA.) First Sunday in September is a 20-miler, then I plan to run two half marathons before tapering off for the MCM.

Today marks 90 days before the Marathon, so I need to tag up with folks to see who is going and who is running.

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