MCM 2018/T-minus 92: Return

It wasn’t the four minute mile.

It wasn’t a PR pace.

It wasn’t an Olympic gold medal or World Championship performance.

But it was three miles without any pain in my groin or the muscle that connected it to my inner right thigh.

I got up at 0430 this morning (almost twelve hours ago, shows you how lazy I am). Knowing I was under no pressure or stress, I promptly went back to sleep until just after five. I got dressed, put on my new running kicks, applied Skin-So-Soft  (no Body Glide today). Did my warm-up stretch to include the all important Japanese Ham Sandwich, and the just as important and newly added groin stretch and ankle rotations. After downing a 16 oz. glass of Nuun Energy water, I headed outside to the starting point, the main entrance to Abberly Crest Apartments.

It took me about three seconds and six strides to know that everything was alright. I left my pedometer/stopwatch and my smartphone with the MapMyRun app at home today. The only thing important today was a run free from pain from my groin and my thighs…oh, and my left knee while we’re at it.

The run was uneventful, except for when a passerby shouted “Let me have some of your energy, man! I worked all day yesterday and I’m tired!” I was so into the running I had forgotten about the presence of other people, and I was somewhat startled that he had spoken to me. No big deal. I was at the last turnaround going back up the hill to the Abberly Crest entrance, and it was just a matter of counting the three fire hydrants that marked the end of the run.

I pretty much took the week off from running and the circuit training; with the exception of one application of Icy Hot, I didn’t do any medical treatment or any kind of stretching out. I just went about my business and let the sore muscles heal. Sometimes doing nothing is the best medicine.

So, it’s back to work. I’m off tomorrow, but i will resume the circuit training schedule with lighter weights all three days. The Wed/Fri runs will be untimed runs as I get back into the running flow and then I’ll go back to full speed for the Sunday run at the National Mall.

My running schedule for August presents some challenges. The Sunday after next will be a sixteen mile run. I am planning to go home to visit family and my high-school reunion on the weekend of August 16th  (ten miler that week), and the next weekend after that will be a 20 mile run. I have to start working some logistics for next month.


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