MCM 2018/T-minus 93: Plan

This is the ninth day since I strained a groin muscle (I thought it was a thigh muscle) during a Friday four-mile run. Today would have been my light circuit course at the gym. I usually do two sets with 10% lighter weights than I do on Tuesdays so I can reserve my strength for the long Sunday run.

I have been idle since Sunday, when I tried to run the NAVAIR/NAWCAD Half (not a real race, just a 13 plus mile run aboard NAS Patuxent River) and was forced to quit after going barely a quarter mile. being idea meant no running or circuit course, so I could give my strained muscle a chance to heal.

Right now, the plan is to get up tomorrow morning and ATTEMPT to run three miles on just a flat course, which is Willow Rd. to Shangri-La. If my strained muscle flares up again, I will abort the run and call it a day. However, I will try to do a couple of light sets of the circuit course so I can at least start building up my muscles from the last week’s unscheduled layoff. If I can run, I will keep it to a pace where I can sweat without causing any undue stress.

If I am still too sore to run: Light circuit courses Sun./Tue,/Thu./Sat. One more run attempt Friday, then National Mall run on Sunday.

If I can run: Run Sun./Wed./Fri (all flat three milers) and then the National Mall on Sunday. Off Monday, then light circuit courses Tu/Th/Sa.

Whatever happens, I still plan on going back to the gym, with an emphasis on better stretching. I am going to add groin and ankle stretches to me warm-up routines, and include a yoga move that an old marine friend called the “Japanese ham sandwich.” This is just basically folding your body in half at the hips and stretching your back and legs out as much as possible for as long as you can hold it.

Tha last time I hurt my groin was when I was playing indoor soccer several years ago. I ended up on crutches for a couple of weeks. The pain then was not so severe this time, so…fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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