MCM 2018/T-minus 96: Jog

I run three days a week: Short runs on Wednesdays and Fridays with the long run on Sundays.

The Wednesday run comes after a rest day on Monday and a circuit trying day on Tuesday, so I’m just getting into running for the week. I don’t necessarily jog, but i don’t really need to go full sped either.

My Sunday run determines how I schedule my Wednesday and Friday runs. If the Sunday course has a substantial amount of inclines/declines, I run a hill course on Friday. If it’s a fairly flat course, my Friday run reflects that.

Lately, I have been running variants of two courses, both based on Willows Road. The Willow-Shangri-La is a flat three- mile (sort of) course that runs north on Willows Road to the Willow/Shangri-La Road/Highway 234 intersection, then back down Willows Road to the Willow Drive street sign, then back up the short hill to the Abberly Crest main drive.

The Highway 5 Run goes south towards the intersection at Willows Road and Highway 5; at the intersection, I turn around and run back to the Abberly Crest main sign. This is the more “hilly” course that has a quarter mile climb within the first mile of the run, then a sharp drop towards the turnaround point. The second half of the run starts with a substantial climb, and the run ends with one last incline.

For short and long runs that end with me climbing up the hill towards Abberly Crest, there is a line of three fire hydrants on the sidewalk that I use to “countdown” the end of my run.

This month, I started getting up at 0430 to do my runs. I like it better than running in the afternoons because it gets my training out of the way. It has also forced me into better time management since I have to run, recover, eat breakfast, shower, dress, and get to work in a reasonable amount of time. Lastly I avoid having to wait until after the 4:00 p.m. heat (hottest part of the day) to run, and it keeps me from procrastinating on working out after i get off from work.

One more thing: any cake mix that lets you use milk instead of water (even skim milk) is a GOOD thing.

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