MCM 2018/T-minus 95:Fartlek

Today would have been my heavy circuit/fartlek day. First I do a reduced cycle of the circuit course: 2 sets of reps instead of four, but with 10~20% added weight. After i finish my circuit, I go out and run the fartlek.

I will not get into the debate about what a fartlek really means; as per my marathon training guide, it starts with a five minute warm-up jog, then I run for four minutes and jog for one minute> I alternate between running and jogging for however long the session takes (30 to 45 minutes), then after my last minute jog, a five minute cool down.

My entire workout takes place in the environs of the Abberly Crest apartment center. I perform my circuit training in the center’s small but well-stocked fitness center. Once that is done, I run in the road right outside the center. The road is on a small incline, so get the added benefit of some light “hills” training when I run the fartlek.

After the fartlek, it’s back home for a protein shake and a quick breakfast before I get ready for work.

Since I’m not running,I am enjoying a Taco Thursday. This post is pretty short so I will leave you with a list of what I am currently playing on YouTube:


Haddaway/What Is Love?

Sting/I Burn for You

Fatboy Slim/Rockafella Skank

(Keith Relf’s) Renaissance/Kings and Queens, Widdecombe Faire

Amon Amarth-Sabaton/Twilight of the Thunder God

Rammstein/Du Hast (live)

Creed/My Own Prison



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