MCM 2018: T-minus 98-Downtime

Today I was talking about my recent injury to my friend Manny; the feedback he gave me was not good.

Based on his experience, I had strained a muscle in my groin, and that it would take at least two weeks to heal. I had planned to try running again this Friday, and now it looks like I’ll be down at least a week longer than I had planned.

My theories for my recent injury:

  1. Not enough groin stretches. Very simple to do, as easy as sitting down cross-legged. Would have added a whopping thirty seconds to my stretching routine. Now I’m out for two weeks.
  2. Wear and tear on my running shoes. Last Friday while I was running, my right foot kind of gave way and that’s when i felt a sharp pain in my right leg. My shoes wear down on the outsides of my heels (and more on my right foot than my left), so I had probably taken them on one run too many.
  3. Too many hills? Half of my short runs and a few of my long runs involve running up and down south Willows Road. Going north to south, there is a quick decide followed by an incline, then a steeper incline. When I reach the Willows Rd/Highway 5 junction, I turn around and go back up a steeper incline, then a quick decline. I finish with one short decline, then one last incline. probably doing a few too many hills with worn out shoes and not enough stretching.

Anyway, whatever happened, I’m going to be out of action for the next two weeks. The best I can do is Icy Hot and the roller before I go to bed.

If I am out, I will probably make the weekend jaunt to DC to run the National Mall, then work out the rest of my training schedule from there.

Today is Monday. Mondays are usually my rest days (training Tuesday through Sunday). I am more thinking about the next twenty-four hours than anything else right now.

Dan, I wish i wasn’t hurt.

More tomorrow.

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