MCM 2018: T minus 99/Deluge

On my Friday morning short timed run, I pulled a muscle in my left thigh. Put some Icy hot on it and used a therapy roller on it Friday and Saturday, but it did;t really heal like zi thought it would.

Today I went to Naval Air Station Patuxent River to run a course I call the NAVAIR/NAWCAD Half. I call it that because the last three mile loop (of the thirteen miles, hence,”Half”) runs in front of the NAVAIR headquarters and NAWCAD buildings on base. Anyway, I got on base about ten minutes until five in the morning. I stretched out, turned on my MapMyRun app on my smartphone, reset my handheld timer/pedometer…then ran about q quarter of a mile before my still-sore right thigh began singing in pain. No way was I gonna do that for thirteen miles, so I hobbled back to the car and called it a day.

First bummer: after skipping a bunch of workouts in the last two weeks of June, I set a goal of completing every gym workout (Tue/Thur/Sat) and every training run (short runs on Wed/Fri and the long run on Sunday morning) for the month of July. If I accomplished my goal, I would take a mini-vacation to Washington, DC and run the National Mall for my training run (5~6 mi.). Depending on how I feel and how much money I really have (planning on going home for my thirty-year high school reunion in August), I may go anyway.

Second bummer: My MapMy Run app. I downloaded it to get a more accurate milage on when and where i was running. In the ten days and five training runs I have done, I have only successfully synced two runs. The first run was a Friday afternoon three-miler, but for some reason the app said I ran NINETEEN MILES. The time was also about ten minutes less that what i actually ran. The second run (Sheetz run, 8 miles0 was damn near perfect, with the app calling out my mileage every mile, plotting/mapping my course, and successfully sync it to my profile after the run was over. I ran on Wednesday and Friday this week, plus tried mapping out my NAVAIR/NAWCAD run so I could set out my water points (three 4oz. bottle of water mixed with Mio sports additive) every four miles, MapMyRun has not synced any one of those runs, to also include mapping out a short drive up and down Willows Road, the street outside the apartment complex where I live.

Third bummer: I have put myself medically down until at least Friday this week, when I will take a run to see if I have healed enough to run. That means my off day on Monday will be extended to the two gym workouts on Tue./Thu and my Wednesday short untimed run. I especially don’t like missing the gym time because I need that to keep building the muscles/ligaments/cartilage in my legs so I don’t spend the Marine Corps Marathon doing the “Marine Corps shuffle,” which means barely moving above a jog for twenty-six miles.

My progress up to this point was good. I have been running at an 11:30~12:30 mile pace this month, and my legs were feeling alright after all my runs. I had no indications of any cartilage damage in either of my kneecaps, especially my left knee that hobbled me for the 2016 MCM. I am hoping I can rest and heal up quickly so can get my momentum back.

For this last full week of July (22-28 July) I propose to keep lunch and dinner to on 3 oz. Dole fruit cup, a healthy Choice Steamer meal, and one Chobani Black Cherry yogurt. Swapping my lunch and dinner sodas for water or iced tea. If I can’t exercise, maybe I can shake up my diet and lose a pound or two that way; my weight has plateaued around 205 lbs. this month.

While MapMyRun the smartphone app has become useless, MapMyRun the website on my iMac has shown some value. I have been able to plot my usual running routes on the computer and get a better idea of how long my runs actually are. For example, after plotting my five-mile course from Abberly Crest (my apartment house) to the NAS Gate 1 and back, I found out i was running at 5.3 miles instead of an exact five. Maybe cut out running all the way to the gate guard shack and just run to the corner outside the gate?

Lastly, as you can see, i am back to doing this again. With 99 days to go until the MCM, I decided to start this up one more time to write/vent/cheer about how my train is going. My intent is to do one post every day until the MCM (or at least up until the Thursday morning I leave for Roslyn, VA, where I am staying for the MCM).

Enough for now, see y’all tomorrow.

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