One Week: Day Three

Tonight, I did a twilight run of the NAS Patuxent River course. I did a five mile out-and-back from Drill Hall Rec Center to the VX-23 flight line. Made just at an hour, a twelve mile pace. I hit the traditional head wind going out but I did catch a tailwind after I hit the turnaround point.

Two things I noticed tonight:

1) The first half mile out takes a brief slope upward, then at the first left turn towards Tate Road, it peaks and goes on a downward slope. That means you get a little bit of a climb, then a quick downslope to finish the run.

2) I am still maintaining a twelve minute pace. That is good. If I had not skipped so much training I would be a little bit faster (11 minute pace?). That’s bad.

My goal is to finish the Indian Head Rail Trail out and back in under six hours, 0.6 extra miles be damned. Gonna be cutting it close…

See ya tomorrow!

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