One Week: Day Two

Twenty-four days…

That’s how long it was since I’ve been at World Gym. June 18 thru July 12.

I felt it tonight, too. I had a one hour session where I did Circuit I and Circuit II, two different exercise circuits. On the last set of circuit II my arms wore out on the shoulder press and the modular tricep extensions, and I didn’t get my twelve reps on either.

I really need to get my gym game back on. It’s July, and the Marine Corps Marathon is in October (time flies, trust me on this!)

I also need to get back to PT in the mornings. Not a fan of running in the evenings (heat/humidity and finishing before dark) and I have other things I need to do at night as well.

The good: Getting in the workout and feeling the burn for the first time in a while.

The bad: The satellite music being piped into World Gym. Is this a gym or a dance club?

Females on the weight machines playing with their phones. That’s okay ma’am, nobody else needs to use the machine you’re on, and I guess gym etiquette doesn’t apply to females either, right?

See ya tomorrow…

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