One Week: Day Six

I spent most of the day doing the audit for Patuxent River Detachment 1305, Marine Corps League (I am Adjutant Paymaster, the dude who handles the paperwork, the books and the money), so I got done about 3 p.m. I got a late lunch at Olive Garden. I wanted to do a pasta carb-load, but I got the appetizer sampler instead: cheese-stuffed mushrooms, fried calamari, and toasted meat ravioli. Not a whole lot of pasta, but enough to make me want to take a nap, which I did after heading to the NAS Commissary to get water and supplies for tomorrow’s run.

Napped from 5 to 7. Mistake because I realized i hadn’t done my Cycle II workout for the day. I was also dangerously inside that 12 hour window where I’m not supposed to work out before I run. I made a command decision to do a short workout at one of my apartment complex’s workout sites. I tried to take it easy on the legs, since I had to run 12 miles in about nine hours’ time.

I mapped out where to put my little 8 oz. bottles of Mio water. I learned this last year while getting my fuel/water game down. Every four miles I drink an 8 0z bottle of water, which has two “squeezes” of Mio Fit (w/the B vitamins). I’m also supposed to take a shot of Gu with the water, so I may need to head down to Dick’s Sporting Goods tonight. Meanwhile I have my two water bottles at the 4 and 8 mile points, which are just about across the street from each other.

I’m pretty excited about the course, which is a six-mile loop from the Abberly Crest back driveway to St. Mary’s City, to the Visitor’s Center entrance sign and back. It’s got a few good hills, but nothing too steep.

It’s been an okay week. I made all of my runs and gym workouts, but I really screwed up with all the soda from the potluck. Oh, well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

First quarter moon out tonight. I hope it’s clear tomorrow morning when I start the run.

We’ll talk more later…


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