Double Post!!!

Part One: One Week, Day Seven

St. Mary’s City 12 mi. course

4.0 split: 45.00      6.0 split: 1:06.25    8.0 split: 1:30.25 Finish: 2:16.32

Approximate pace: 11:15


Part Two: Symmetry at St. Mary’s City

Everything went right.

I got out of bed when the alarm went off at 4:15 a.m. this morning. Got my single bowl of oatmeal with a teaspoon of applesauce and skim milk, plus a single cup of coffee. Bug juice, Bodyglide, and dressed to run.  ten minutes to stretch. Out the door at 4:55. On the road at just before 5.

The first quarter moon was gone, but the sun had started to rise, so it would be light soon anyway. There was a stiff wind out that made it a little colder than it should have been , but it was nice to not have to wake up to rainy skies for once in the last few weeks.

The course started as the usual Abberly Crest to highway MD-5, but this time I went HWY-5 South (taking a left) instead of North. The hill going south was shorter and less of a climb than the hill going north. Hit the two mile at Nach-T Farm.

I made the four mile checkpoint and got my  8 oz. bottle of Mio water. Time check (after fumbling with the all-in-one pedometer/stopwatch) showed me at 45 minutes. About a tenth of a mile later, I made the gradual downslope that led across the two ‘bridges’ that led into the heart of Historic St. Mary’s City. After running through downtown I took another gradual climb towards the turn to the Visitor’s Center, where the sign was my 6-mile turnaround point.

Between the nine and ten mile points my left hamstring got tight and my right kneecap started bothering me. Temporary maladies, as I powered through and made the downhill leading to the 10.5 mile point and the road back up Willow Road and back home.

Aside from the stillness of the morning hour (made possible by the lack of traffic this morning) and the beautiful views around HWY-5 and St. Mary’s City, I noticed the near perfect symmetry of the route I had chosen. The four and eight mile checkpoints were literally right across the street from each other. The immediate bridge connecting HWY-5 to St Mary’s City was the five mile point going in and the seven mile point going back.

After I got back and did the math, I found out that I made an 11:15 pace for the run. Given everything that has happened with my training, it is a good feeling to know that I am still on the right path.

I could’ve done without all that soda from the potluck, though.


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